More 240 countries

The choice of currency is done by identifying the country. The list of countries specifies the name and code of the currency and the exchange rate. In our example, you can see that the currency for Denmark is the Danish Krone (currency code: DKK) and the exchange rate with Euro (EUR) is 0.1340 (1 DKK = 0.1340 EUR). You can see the date of updating rates in the Information screen.  This exchange rates are updated once a day and you can choose whether the update is done only via WIFI or also via cellular data. To avoid data roaming cost, you can deactivate the update via cellular data.

More features

Discover other awesome features of Currency Converter.

  • Convert Currency

    After choosing 2 currencies, you can enter an amount in one currency as well as in other one. Just tap the amount that you want enter.

  • More 240 countries

    You don’t know the currency for a country. Don’t worry. You choose the currency from the list of more 240 countries.

  • Set exchange fees

    For each bank you are a customer, you can define exchanges fees for cash withdrawal, card payment, … and so on.

  • Amazing design

    You can choose among 4 colors: red, orange, green and blue and takes advantage of a great flat design.